Who Are We?

Where people see a discarded garment, we see value. It is our passion to take something old and give it a new life. It is our mission to create a movement around a zero waste textile economy. Will you join us? 

At Baba Black Sheep, we are all about second chances. By supporting us, you have become a part of a movement to change the world by giving something a second chance. And who doesn’t love a second chance?

Above all, we promise you that once you touch it you will love it!! 

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What Makes us Special?

Environmentally Conscious

We are witnessing the continuous destruction of our planet's resources. Is this the legacy we want to leave behind? Naa Uhh, not under Baba Black Sheep's watch. Everything we provide to our customers has been recycled, as we want to show the world that the marriage of fashion and sustainability can be cool. We are here to start a movement around a zero waste textile economy, and the adventure has just begun.

Handmade with love

There’s nothing more satisfying that the act of giving. Seeing the smile on your loved one’s face and knowing you are the reason behind the smile. That’s the feeling we, here at Baba Black Sheep, want to provide you with. Thus, we have handmade and hand packed a whole lot of love and thought into everything we send your way, just to see that smile. All we expect in return is for you to keep spreading the love.

Divinely Cozy

Our products speak for themselves. Our motto is once you touch it, you’ll love it. All our products are 100% cashmere, which makes sense as to why they're divinely cozy. Don't believe us? Take a leap of faith and make your first purchase today. If you truly haven't been convinced, which we'll find quite difficult to believe, we'll refund your order. 

Socially Responsible

We are where we are because of the love and support from numerous people around the world. We believe in the power of joining hands with our community in order to make strides for society. Because of our commitment to this philosophy, we donate 2% of our sales to Special Needs schools. This is us ensuring that supportive communities, and doing good, continue to grow and flourish.


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