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It is made with zero waste and all love. B.B. Sheep cashmere basics will keep you warm, cozy, and waste-free.
Why cashmere?
It is breathable, lightweight, hypoallergnic, comfortable for sensitive skin, and most of all, it's incredibly soft. Cashmere is typically a luxury item because it's rare textile. However, our cashmere's are affordable because it's 100% receycled.
Why buy recycled?
The equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothing is burned or dumped in a landfill every second. Our 100% recycled cashemer reuses cashmere textiles and fully "closes the loop" by producing zero waste. By buying recycled goods that are made to last, yop are making an ethical purchase choice that you can not only enjoy, but one can be proud of.

All your gift item products are wrapped in a high quality gift wrap and placed in a branded logo box to be securely packaged for delivery.